Skybound serenity: Elevate your drives with the Model X, offering a panoramic view through the expansive windshield.

Superior performance: Experience the Model X's dual-motor system, delivering unmatched acceleration and handling.

Falcon-wing doors: A distinctive feature, the falcon-wing doors enhance both style and accessibility.

Cabin tranquility: Enjoy a serene interior, insulated from external noise for a peaceful driving experience.

Over-the-Air Updates: Stay ahead with continuous software updates, enhancing features and performance.

Bioweapon Defense Mode: Breathe confidently with the Model X's advanced air filtration system, filtering out pollutants.

Signature Light Show: Welcome the future with the Model X's signature light show upon approaching the vehicle.

Versatile Interior Configurations: Adapt the Model X to your needs with configurable seating and ample cargo space.