Zionkawski Gets Career First

Finally after around 5 rain outs at the Clinton County Motor Speedway Jupiter Flavius was not a factor for the racing plans as the Laurel Highlands IMCA Racesavers made their first appearance of the year at the picturesque facility. The weather was great as was the race track thus with 20 sprint cars signing in to compete the fans were treated to some good sprint car racing. Making his first start with the LHSS was Neil Petock who had purchased the ex-Ed Mesaros #15, the car maintained the same colors and number as when Ed drove it. Also on hand was Jared Zionkawski his last appearance here in 2018 was not so good as he was involved in a crash during the opening lap of his heat race causing heavy damage ending the night early. Also Dylan Proctor continues to sort out issues with his #92 hopefully soon he can get dialed in and race longer. Dave Guss, Jr. had a strong run in his #72, Randy Sterling had some more setbacks with a front stretch tangle during the feature ending his night. Congratulations to John Walp and Jared Zionkawski in picking up their first ever heat race wins with Laurel Highlands, always good to see to winners. At Bedford in April Ray Sheetz and Bob Garvey, Jr. picked up their initial wins in their heat races. The three heat races were run in good order with everyone seeming to get hold of the nicely prepared racing surface. The first heat race ended as follows: 1. Jared Zionkawski, 2. Dave Guss, Jr., 3. Scott Lutz, 4. Ray Sheetz, 5. Dale Schweikart, 6. Dakota Schweikart, 7. Jim Kennedy. Scott Lutz turned in the best lap time of 13.355 turning this race. In heat race two Kyle Ganoe paced the field as he won with a decent lead over second place Ryan Lynn, third went to Reed Thompson, 4th Ken Duke, Jr., 5th Neil Petock, 6th Josh Spicer, 7th Fred Arnold. Ken Duke, Jr. had the best lap time in this event with a 13.335. The third heat went to John Walp who had a good battle going with Jake Gomola who finished second, third went to Randy Sterling, fourth Jeff Weaver, fifth Tylor Cochran with sixth going to Dylan Proctor. The best lap time was set by Jake Gomola with a 13.209. The 20 lap feature was a constant battle of positions however when it is your night everything comes together as it did for youngster Jared Zionkawski who started third but at the wave of the green he got into the lead and held off multiple challenges from Kyle Ganoe and later Scott Lutz but he held his line and stayed composed to take his first sprint feature win with Laurel Highlands. With five cautions slowing the pace throughout the event Jared held off the challengers and looked very comfortable behind the wheel. The finishing order is as follows: 1. 41z Jared Zionkawski, 2. 33 Scott Lutz, 3. 4J Jake Gomola, 4. 0 Kyle Ganoe, 5. 5 John Walp, 6. 67 Ken Duke, Jr., 7. 78 Dale Schweikart, 8. 99 Ray Sheetz, 9. 72 Dave Guss, Jr., 10. 88 Fred Arnold, 11. 15 Neil Petock, 12. 6R Reed Thompson, 13. 52 Jeff Weaver (DNF), 14. 78c Dakota Schweikart, 15. 26 Ryan Lynn (DNF), 16. 00s Randy Sterling (DNF), 17. 7 Jim Kennedy, 18. 92 Dylan Proctor. (DNS) 71 Josh Spicer and 19 Tylor Cochran. A thank you to Kelly McCahan for providing the race results and race stats at every race. The next scheduled race for Laurel Highlands is Sunday May 26th at the Bedford Speedway. One other note during the feature Scott Lutz turned in the best lap time with a 13.747.