Summer Showdown Update 6/19/17

Despite losing our rescheduled race on Friday night at Dog Hollow Speedway due to rain, the weather was gorgeous on Saturday night as the LHSS rolled into the Hesston Speedway. A race post is forthcoming, and the points battle for the Summer Showdown 2017 is still up for grabs. After Saturday’s racing the unofficial standings still have Scott Lutz in first with 188 points, Reed Thompson is still in second with 169 points, Ryan Lynn is third with 144, Drew Ritchey has 127, Nathan Gramley 109, Ron Aurand and Kyle Ganoe both have 104 points. Steve Kenawell, Jr. has 97, Ken Duke 94, Dale Schweikart 92 while Tylor Cochran and Jonathon Jones have 77 points.