Schweikart Wins CCMS

Another beautiful evening greeted the Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series IMCA Racesavers at the picturesque Clinton County Motor Speedway on Friday June 14th with 20 sprint cars signing into race. Some new faces were in the pits as Sydney Prince made her first 2019 start with the LHSS making the 6 hour tow from Conneticut, also making a long tow was Larry McVey who came over from New Jersey, Mike Murphy, Jr. also made his first Clinton County start of the year as did Rob Felix who made the haul from Findleyville in the south hills of Pittsburgh. Randy Sterling had a tough start to his evening in hot laps as he entered turn one at speed he was bumped in the left front sending him into a backward slide and hard into the concrete retaining wall causing extensive damage and ending his night early. Also having trouble in the same area in hot laps was Neil Petock who made contact with the wall and causing some damage which caused him to miss the call for his heat race which had just got green when he was on the way to the lineup area. The first heat race was minus two cars for the start, Sterling and Petock not making the call and after several yellows Tylor Cochran who led the way copped the win over Jeff Weaver who had a successful evening. Finishing third was Sydney Prince and fourth as a DNF was Dylan Proctor and a DNF for Larry McVey who suffered a mechanical failure toward the end of the race. Heat two was exciting as Dale Schweikart and Nathan Gramley brought the field to the green and not long later Rob Felix who started fourth took the lead with third place starter Scott Lutz in pursuit for several laps Lutz went high, then low, then high again trying to set up for a pass which he did on the high side coming out of turn four to go on for the win. Schweikart also got by Felix to claim the runner up spot while Felix held on for third, Ryan Lynn finished fourth, Dakota Schweikart was fifth, Nathan Gramley sixth and Jim Kennedy was seventh. Heat three saw Jake Gomola run a solid race holding off Ken Duke, Jr. and Gomola had about half a straight lead at the checker, turning in a solid run for third was Dave Guss, Jr. while Reed Thompson nailed down fourth, Kruz Kepner was fifth and Mike Murphy, Jr. was sixth. During the driver’s meeting early a suggestion was made a vote taken by the drivers who wanted to go 25-laps in the feature, the track gave the okay setting the stage for a good main event as Dale Schweikart and Reed Thompson brought the field to the green with Schweikart taking the lead, a tangle n bump between Sydney Prince and Reed Thompson between turns one and two got Thompson’s car a bit airborne but both cars continued on with no issues. Later in about the same area contact with Nathan Gramley and Ken Duke, Jr. brought out the first yellow, Gramley suffered a flat left rear and was towed to the pits but he did not return while Duke was able to rejoin the field. Another yellow was for Neil Petock who lost a driveshaft on the backstretch. Jeff Weaver who started 4th had a solid run as he ran second to Schweikart most of the feature but couldn’t get close enough to make a challenge but Schweikart was dialed in and did a great job at the point. Jake Gomola, Sydney Prince, Scott Lutz would break into the top five by the race end while Ryan Lynn, Rob Felix, Reed Thompson and Tylor Cochran were next in line swapping positions. With 19 cars taking the green only 4 did not finish but all in all the night saw some great sprint car racing. The finishing order is as follows: 1. 78 Dale Schweikart, 2. 52 Jeff Weaver, 3. 33 Scott Lutz, 4. 4J Jake Gomola, 5. 14P Sydney Prince, 6. 19 Tylor Cochran, 7. R6 Reed Thompson, 8. 26 Ryan Lynn, 9. 21 Rob Felix, 10. 92 Dylan Proctor, 11. 83 Larry McVey, 12. 72 Dave Guss, Jr., 13. 19x Kruz Kepner, 14. 67 Ken Duke, Jr., 15. 7 Jim Kennedy, 16. 78c Dakota Schweikart (DNF), 17. 22 Mike Murphy, Jr. (DNF), 18. 23 Nathan Gramley (DNF), 19. 15 Neil Petock. (DNS) 00s Randy Sterling. In heat one Jeff Weaver turned the best lap with a 14.355 for an average 83.511 mph, heat two saw Scott Lutz with the fast time of 14.196 for an 84.446 lap, the third heat saw Jake Gomola turn the quick lap with a 14.477 and an 82.807 mph average, and during the feature Jeff Weaver again had the quick time of 14.680 for an 81.662 mph. The next race on the schedule is Saturday June 22nd as the LHSS Racesavers make their second stop of the year at the Hesston Speedway.