Ryan Lynn Wins Bedford

The Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series rolled into the Bedford Speedway on Sunday August 12th to be greeted by another beautiful day, the rain stayed away. A thank you to all 16 sprint car teams that made the journey to the historic half-mile fairground speedway. Nice to see Dylan Shatzer make a two day race weekend out of it coming from Hagerstown along with most of the other teams who competed Saturday night. Drew Ritchey was driving the Bob Salathe sprinter after destroying his regular mount the night before. Randy Sterling was “dialed in” as he is getting better and better each race and good to see Ray Sheetz back after having an axle break at Cumberland sending him into the outside wall. The results for the two 8-lap heat races are as follows:

Heat One- 1. Randy Sterling, 2. Ryan Lynn, 3. Ray Sheetz, 4. Kyle Ganoe, 5. Reed Thompson, 6. Jonathon Jones, 7. Scott Lutz, 8. Stevie Kenawell.

Heat Two- 1. Drew Ritchey, 2. Roger Irvine, 3. Tyler Denochick, 4. Ron Aurand, 5. Eric Husick, 6. Dylan Shatzer, 7. Coltt Lepley, 8. Jim Kennedy.

The 20-lap feature was exciting with a few cautions one of those late in the race when Reed Thompson was clipped by another car breaking his front axle ending his run. Roger Irvine and Ryan Lynn paced the field to the green with Lynn eventually taking the lead and never looking back. He was “hooked up” and drove a good race to capture his second win with Laurel Highlands. The only other repeat winner is Kyle Ganoe. As Ryan set the pace Jonathon Jones was again “dialed in” and perched in the runner up spot waiting for an oppertunity, this driver has come along way the past few years and can never be counted out of any race. Randy Sterling drove a steady race as well as did Tyler Denochick and Ron Aurand who again finished 5th as he did the night before. Everyone put on a good show for the fans, that’s what it is all about. The finishing order is as follows:

1. 26 Ryan Lynn, 2. 12J Jonathon Jones, 3. 00s Randy Sterling, 4. 6 Tyler Denochick, 5. 86 Ron Aurand, 6. RG3 Drew Ritchey, 7. 75 Dylan Shatzer, 8. 33 Scott Lutz, 9. 0 Kyle Ganoe, 10. 12 Roger Irvine, 11. 17K Stevie Kenawell, 12. 99 Ray Sheetz, 13. 12H Eric Husick, 14. 4L Coltt Lepley, 15. 7 Jim Kennedy, 16. R6 Reed Thompson.