Pinewood Derby

ATTENTION Laurel Highlands Race Savers your help would be very welcome on Saturday May 19th, 2018 as a public service detail and as a public relations “good deed”. Cub Scout Pack 4042 from the Imler area is hosting the Fort Bedford District Pinewood Derby which will bring cub scouts from throughout Bedford County to this location, these scouts ages range from 6-11. It would be a great idea to support these kids by taking your sprint car to the Imler Volunteer Fire Company located at 996 Mowry’s Mill Road, Imler, PA. 16655 from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Understandably it would be of self sacrifice of your time, fuel, etc and you would be able to leave at any time especially if you would be racing that evening, however it would be a fine gesture in making these kids feel appreciated while at the same time doing some Public Relations for our Race Saver region in the local community. The exposure for the Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series and the IMCA Race Saver 305’s is always a positive since our series competes at the Bedford Speedway. As for the Pinewood Derby the weigh in and tech begins at 11:00am with the racing scheduled approximately around noon for your general information. If you are from the Bedford or even Blair County areas and would like to participate by bringing your sprint car to Imler please contact ‘scout leader’ Jody Lund at (814) 418-8852 for information and details. This invitation is not inclusive just for the LHSS or Race Saver but anyone with any type of stock car, vintage race car, micros or go-karts would be welcome as this would make a huge impression on the kids to meet race car drivers, look at the cars all while competing with their derby cars!! Also there is to be food and refreshments available. Thank You for support so let’s have some local racers of any division show up in Imler next Saturday to encourage the cub scouts of the Fort Bedford District and the Imler scout pack 4042.