Path Valley Results!

The Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series was in action again on Saturday night July 14th at the Path Valley Speedway as part of a co-santion event with the Pa Sprint Series. There were 20 sprint cars on hand to do battle, since no representatives for officials from Laurel Highlands were able to be on hand a thank you goes out to PASS Race Director Rod Ort and driver Scott Lutz for providing the heat race results and the feature rundown. Here are the finishing orders for the three heat races:

Heat One: 1st Drew Ritchey, 2nd Kyle Smith, 3rd Eric Husick, 4th Scott Lutz, 5th Darren Miller, 6th Kassidy Kreitz, 7th Ryan Lynn.

Heat Two: 1st Zach Newlin, 2nd Dakota Schweikart, 3rd Johnny Scarborough, 4th John Fiore, 5th Brad Mellot, 6th Cory Thornton.

Heat Three: 1st Dale Schweikart, 2nd Kyle Ganoe, 3rd Austin Bishop, 4th Larry McVay, 5th Dave Grube, 6th Greg Dobrosky, 7th Mike Murphy, Jr.

The 20-lap feature finish is as follows:

1st 880 Drew Ritchey, 2nd 11z Zach Newlin, 3rd 0 Kyle Ganoe, 4th 11a Austin Bishop, 5th 17 Kyle Smith, 6th 78 Dale Schweikart, 7th 33 Scott Lutz, 8th 61 Johnny Scarborough, 9th 69K Kassidy Kreitz, 10th 91J John Fiore, 11th 9c Darren Miller, 12th 3D Dave Grube, 13th 54m Ryan Lynn, 14th 83 Larry McVay, 15th 12H Eric Husick, 16th 2c Cory Thornton, 17th 22 Mike Murphy, Jr., 18th 6x Brad Mellott (DNF), 19th 78s Dakota Schweikart (DNF), 20th 88 Greg Dobrosky (DNF).