Mellott wins Cumberland

The weather for the past racing weekend was fabulous as the Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series made their second visit in two weeks to the beautiful and historic facility at the Cumberland Raceway in Maryland.  With IMCA action taking place at two other facilities in Pennsylvania the same evening a small field of 8 sprint cars made the journey below the Mason-Dixon Line and a huge thank you goes out to that core of supporters who provided a good show for the Cumberland fans who love to see the sprint cars. Making his first start in a few years was veteran Steve Kenawell who was subbing for Rob Bartchy in the 29B. It was apparent Steve hadn’t lost his touch behind the wheel. It also marked the first time that a Father and Son got to compete against each other with the Laurel Highlands Race Savers as Stevie Kenawell got to race against Dad. We have had brothers compete together, other relatives competing and husband and wife competing so it was great to have the Father-Son combo in action. In heat #1 Ryan Lynn paced the field to take the win with Steve Kenawell finishing second, third went to Ray Sheetz with Ron Aurand getting the fourth spot. For the second heat race Brad Mellott paced the field for the win with Scott Lutz in second with Reed Thompson in third andStevie Kenawell was fourth. For the 20-lap main event all 8 cars redrew for the feature with Brad Mellott and Steve Kenawell on the front row and at the drop of the green the Needmore, Pa. driver took the lead with Steve Kenawell giving chase along with Ryan Lynn and Scott Lutz. Mellott had built up a decent lead early and was dialed in but as the race wore on Kenawell began reeling him in and made multiple attempts to get by the leader but each time came up short but it was a gallant run and return for the cagey veteran. The finishing order was 1. 6x Brad Mellott, 2. 29B Steve Kenawell, 3. 26 Ryan Lynn, 4. 33 Scott Lutz, 5. R6 Reed Thompson, 6. 86 Ron Aurand, 7. 17K Stevie Kenawell, 8. 99 Ray Sheetz. Toward the end of the feature young Kenawell was trying to over take Ryan Lynn in turns one and two but lost the handle relegating him to the 7th spot.