Lutz Wins Return to Hesston

The Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series made their return to the historic Hesston Speedway for the first time since August 26th, 2017. The feature that evening went to Scott Lutz. Hesston is an important track to the Racesaver 305’s as this is where the series got its start over 20 years ago. It was great to be back again as the weather was perfect and a nice crowd was on hand to witness the 15 Racesaver teams compete. Making their first starts with the LHSS at Hesston were Daren Bolac who made the long haul from North Carolina and Mike Murphy, Jr..from Lewistown, Tylor Cochran from Williamsport, Jeff Weaver from Lock Haven. The 20-lap feature saw Scott Lutz and Jeff Weaver lead the field to the green with Lutz grabbing the lead with Weaver behind. A few laps into the main event saw the first of two cautions as Randy Sterling looped his mount between turns one and two. When the race restarted Lutz again paced the field with plenty of action and passing going on behind him. With about two laps to go the final caution came out for Jim Kennedy who suffered a mechanical issue with the front end and did a great job keeping the car as straight as possible and the rest of the field doing a great job avoiding contact. At the checker Scott Lutz in his familiar #33 picked up his first main event with Laurel Highlands in 2019, second was the 52 of Jeff Weaver who turned in a fantastic run, third went to the 17K of Stevie Kenawell who has been getting some great finishes this year, fourth went to the 26 of Ryan Lynn, with fifth going to the R6 of Reed Thompson, sixth went to the 6x of Brad Mellott, seventh went to the 99 of Ray Sheetz, eighth was the 19 of Tylor Cochran, ninth went to the 25K of Matt Kline, tenth was the 6 of Tyler Denochick, eleventh to the 00s of Randy Sterling, twelfth went to the 72 of Dave Guss, Jr., thirteenth was the 44v of Daren Bolac, fourteenth went to the 22 of Mike Murphy, Jr. and fifteenth going to the 7 of Jim Kennedy (DNF).  The heat race action saw Scott Lutz victor in heat number one with Jim Kennedy second, Stevie Kenawell third, Randy Sterling fourth, Ryan Lynn fifth, Tylor Cochran sixth, Dave Guss, Jr. seventh. The second heat race went to Reed Thompson with Brad Mellott finishing second, third went to Jeff Weaver, fourth Ray Sheetz, fifth Matt Kline, sixth Mike Murphy, Jr., seventh Tyler Denochick. Scheduled to be in this heat was Daren Bolac who arrived too late to make a start however he gets the dedication award for making the long tow to Hesston doing a good job his first time there. The LHSS returns to the Hesston Speedway on Saturday June 22nd and will be at the Clinton County Motor Speedway on Friday June 14th.