Lutz Wins Hesston!

With a two day weekend of racing on tap for the LHSS on June 19 and 20 Mother Nature had other ideas on Friday at Dog Hollow Speedway as rain cancelled the rescheduled race from May 12th. With sunny, hot and humid weather on Saturday the Hesston Speedway found the LHSS making their second appearance of the 2017 season with 21 sprint cars signing in to race with 8 of those being new cars this year with several rookies making their starts in a sprint car. A warm welcome goes out to Jim Kosnosky of Friedens, Pa. and Ray Sheetz of Manns Choice, Pa., Saturday was Jim’s second race in a sprint car and Ray was making his maiden voyage in a sprinter. Making their first official Laurel Highlands appearance at Hesston were Jimmy White of Mount Union, Pa., Josh Guiher of Bellefonte, Pa., Tyler Denochick of Morrisdale, Pa. Also making their first starts of 2017 at Hesston were Dave Guss, Jr. of Colyer, Pa., Greg Dobrosky of Kittanning, Pa., and back after two years was Roger Irvine of Irvona, Pa. in his familiar yellow sprint. There were three 8-lap heat races with the following results:
Heat One-
1st Joe Zap, 2nd Judi Bates, 3rd Reed Thompson, 4th Roger Irvine, 5th Dave Guss, Jr., 6th Jim Kosnosky, 7th Ryan Lynn (DNF)
Heat Two-
1st Greg Dobrosky, 2nd Ron Aurand, 3rd Steve Kenawell, Jr., 4th Drew Ritchey, 5th Jonathon Jones, 6th Josh Guiher, 7th Jimmy White (DNF)
Heat Three-
1st Nathan Gramley, 2nd Tyler Denochick, 3rd Scott Lutz, 4th Coltt Lepley, 5th Jim Kennedy, 6th Mike Wenrick, 7th Ray Sheetz (DNS)
The 20-lap feature found Steve Kenawell, Jr. and Reed Thompson bringing the field to the green flag and the young Kenawell took the lead with Thompson, Denochick and the field giving chase. As the laps ticked away the second generation driver did a great job of holding onto the front position and even after a yellow for Tyler Denochick who spun in turns 3 and 4, the youngster held off challenges from Nathan Gramley and others to stay in front. Several accidents slowed the pace allowing the field to stay bunched up as slowly but surely Scott Lutz was closing in on the leader from his 9th starting position. Around lap 15 another yellow bunched the field up which allowed Lutz to mount a challenge as he paced Gramley for second and eventually reeled in Kenawell to take the lead and the win. The finishing positions are as follows:
1st 33 Scott Lutz, 2nd 23 Nathan Gramley, 3rd 17K Steve Kenawell, Jr., 4th R6 Reed Thompson, 5th 12J Jonathon Jones, 6th 86 Ron Aurand, 7th 26 Ryan Lynn, 8th 72 Dave Guss, Jr., 9th 53w Jimmy White, 10th 3G Josh Guiher, 11th 4L Coltt Lepley, 12th 6 Tyler Denochick (DNF), 13th 99 Ray Sheetz (still running), 14th 121 Judi Bates (DNF), 15th 880 Drew Ritchey (DNF), 16th 33z Joe Zap (DNF), 17th 88 Greg Dobrosky (DNF), 18th 5J Jim Kosnosky, 19th 54m Mike Wenrick, 20th 12 Roger Irvine (DNF), 21st 7 Jim Kennedy (DNF).
The next races will be held at the Clinton County Motor Speedway on Friday June 23rd and Friday June 30th, then on Saturday July 1st the Hesston Speedway and Sunday July 2nd the Bedford Speedway will be the scene of more IMCA Race Saver 305 action. The CCMS will be co-sanctioned with the Pa Sprint Series while the Hesston and Bedford shows will be LHSS races.