Lutz Wins Hesston

The Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series rolled into the Hesston Speedway on Saturday August 26th for the first ever time trial program for our Race Saver region and a BIG thank you goes out to the 20 sprint car teams who came out to support the effort. The Hesston Speedway has been instrumental in the advancement of the Race Saver 305’s over the years as at one time they hosted the Pa 305 Sprints as they were called then and eventually this became the current Pa Sprint Series. The success of the Race Saver sprints spawned the Laurel Highlands Race Savers at the Dog Hollow Speedway when it was the Dog Hollow Race Saver 305’s and the name was changed in late summer of 2013. All in all the time trials went very well and Colby Dice set quick time at 16.236, there will be a complete listing of the time trials very soon on this page. It was nice to see John Walp, Darren Miller, Dylan Shatzer, Bob Garvey, Jr. and Randy Sterling making their first starts of 2017 at Hesston along with the regulars who support us. In heat number one 9 cars took the green with Jim Kennedy unable to answer the call. Colby Dice, Nathan Gramley, Ron Aurand and Darren Miller set the early pace with quick timer Dice getting a good run to take the lead and hold off the challenges of the group behind him. There was plenty of action from fifth place on back as John Walp, Roger Irvine, Rob Bartchy, Dave Guss, Jr. and Matt Kline vying for positions. When the checkered waived in was Colby Dice taking the win over Nathan Gramley. Here is the finish order of that race:
Heat One-
1st Colby Dice, 2nd Nathan Gramley, 3rd Darren Miller, 4th Ron Aurand, 5th John Walp, 6th Roger Irvine, 7th Rob Bartchy, 8th Dave Guss, Jr., 9th Matt Kline, DNS Jim Kennedy.
For the second heat race 10 cars made the call with Greg Dobrosky and Scott Lutz bringing the field to the green and after a short battle current Summer Showdown point leader Lutz took control of the lead with Dobrosky, Jonathon Jones, and Rob Felix giving chase. Jones who has been having great success this year was hooked up and tried his best to catch the Jonestown Jet but could not reel him in while Felix and Dobrosky battled each other throughout the event. When the checkered flew it was Scott Lutz winning over Jonathon Jones. The results are as follows:
Heat Two-
1st Scott Lutz, 2nd Jonathon Jones, 3rd Greg Dobrosky, 4th Rob Felix, 5th Ryan Lynn, 6th Reed Thompson, 7th Dylan Shatzer, 8th Randy Sterling, 9th Bob Garvey, Jr., 10th Jim Kosnosky.
For the 20 lap main event there was redraw as starting positions were heads up from the head race finishes which put Colby Dice and Scott Lutz on the front row. At the waive of the green the front row starters battled for the lead with Gramley, Jones, Dobrosky and Miller behind. There were lots of position changes and challenges as Aurand, Felix, Walp and others jockeyed toward the front. Several yellow flags slowed the pace with Miller, Kosnosky, Kline and Kennedy exiting throughout the contest with mechanical issues. Reed Thompson had the worse situation as he clipped an inside tire barrier causing heavy damage to his mount and ending his race with about 2 laps to go. The feature was contested very well by everyone and at the end of the event it was the Jonestown Jet, Scott Lutz winning, he recently ventured to Virginia to race with the Va Sprint Series and won the main event at the Natural Bridge Speedway. Here is the finish for the feature.
1st 33 Scott Lutz, 2nd 23 Nathan Gramley, 3rd 12J Jonathon Jones, 4th 21 Rob Felix, 5th 17A Colby Dice, 6th 26 Ryan Lynn, 7th 88 Greg Dobrosky, 8th 86 Ron Aurand, 9th 75 Dylan Shatzer, 10th 5 John Walp, 11th 29B Rob Bartchy, 12th 00s Randy Sterling, 13th 12 Roger Irvine, 14th 72 Dave Guss, Jr., 15th 11x Bob Garvey, Jr., 16th R6 Reed Thompson, 17th 9c Darren Miller, 18th 5J Jim Kosnosky, 19th 25K Matt Kline, 20th 7 Jim Kennedy. (positions 16 thru 20 were DNF’s)
The next event for the Laurel Highlands Race Savers will be at the Clinton County Motor Speedway on Friday September 8th, this will be our full sanction as the Pa Sprint Series will be hosting at another track and the final race of the year for the Summer Showdown 2017 series will again be at Clinton County on Friday September 15th and is a co-sanction with PASS. A thank you goes out to our regular volunteer, Kalena Lee who always helps in the pits.