Lutz wins Clinton County

After a month the Laurel Highlands Race Savers returned to the Clinton County Motor Speedway on Friday July 6 with 20 sprint cars signing in to race. The race on July 22nd was cancelled due to weather but last night was perfect weather with 3 heat races to start the evening. In heat one Joe Davis of Lewistown copped the win, his first with Laurel Highlands. Following in second was Ken Duke, Jr., third Reed Thompson, fourth Ryan Lynn, fifth Dave Guss, Jr. sixth Ron Aurand, seventh John Walp. Heat two went to Tylor Cochran over Nathan Gramley who was making his first start with Laurel Highlands in 2018 and the first start of the year at Clinton County, third went to Dale Schweikart, fourth Dylan Shatzer, fifth Jeff Weaver, sixth Dakota Schweikart, seventh Randy Sterling. In the third heat Summer Showdown point leader Kyle Ganoe took the win with a rough running engine, unfortunately the problem caused him to be a DNF for the feature, second went to Scott Lutz, third to Ray Sheetz, fourth Jake Gomola who was making his first start of the year at CCMS, fifth was Eric Husick and sixth to Bob Garvey, Jr.

The 20-lap feature saw Ray Sheetz and Nathan Gramley on the row and at the green Gramley shot to the front and led with Ken Duke giving chase. Several cautions slowed the pace which allowed for Scott Lutz who started fifth to close in on the leaders. He worked the low and high sides around the 1/3 mile track finally getting around Duke and Gramley to stretch a lead and take his 1st win with Laurel Highlands in 2018. On a slick track the sprint cars put on a good race as patience and a steady throttle foot was the fast way around. This is the run down of the feature: 1st 33 Scott Lutz, 2nd 67 Ken Duke, Jr., 3rd 23 Nathan Gramley, 4th 99 Ray Sheetz, 5th R6 Reed Thompson, 6th 54m Ryan Lynn, 7th 78s Dakota Schweikart, 8th 19 Tylor Cochran, 9th 7J Joe Davis, 10th 4J Jake Gomola, 11th 86 Ron Aurand, 12th 11x Bob Garvey, Jr., 13th 78 Dakota Schweikart, 14th 72 Dave Guss, Jr., 15th 12H Eric Husick, 16th 3G Jeff Weaver, 17th 5 John Walp (DNF), 18th 75 Dylan Shatzer (DNF), 19th 00s Randy Sterling (DNF). 0 Kyle Ganoe (DNS). Due to the race tomorrow at the
Bedford Speedway, the Summer Showdown points after last night will not be posted as that is also a point race. There was a little position change in the top 15 cars but the top three of Kyle Ganoe, Ryan Lynn and Ken Duke, Jr. have not changed. With his win last night Scott Lutz has moved into 4th place. The updated points after tomorrow will be posted early next week.