Lutz Wins CCMS

A beautiful day and evening greeted the Laurel Highlands IMCA Racesavers on Friday July 19th as the group competed at the Clinton County Motor Speedway co-sanctioning the event with the Pa Sprint Series and a solid field of 23 sprint cars signed in to compete. Making their first starts at the CCMS in the 2019 season were Cale Reigle, Kyle Keen, Jake Frye, Zach Newlin, Tom Carberry, and Andrew Jacobus. Making his second start in a sprint car was 600 micro competitor Garrett Bard and thus with the regular weekly competitors the evening was set for some good racing. The track was in great shape for the three sprint car heat races and cautions plagued the first two events. The hardest crash involved Jim Kennedy in heat one as his left front tire made contact with the inside barrier in turn four causing his car to careen across the track head on into the outside wall luckily Jim was okay but his sprint car was done for the night. Two young drivers made up the front row in heat one with Dylan Proctor on the pole and Jeff Weaver on the outside and at the wave of the green these two went to the front to set the pace with plenty of action from the rest of the field. At the checker it was Dylan Proctor taking the win with Weaver second, the third spot went to Cale Reigle, fourth was Ian Cumens, fifth Garrett Bard, sixth John Walp, Kruz Kepner dropped from the event around lap 8 becoming a DNF along with Jim Kennedy. In that race Dylan Proctor had the best lap time of 13.507 and a speed of 88.754, his average speed for the event was 47.511 with a margin of victory of 1.124.


The second heat race was also loaded with some very good cars and bringing the field to the green was pole sitter Scott Lutz and outside pole starter Jake Gomola and these two drivers dueled for the top spot with the Seneca driver getting the lead and holding off the Jonestown Jet for the win with New Jersey driver Tom Carberry turning in a nice run for third, Dakota Schweikart finished fourth, while Larry McVay of New Jersey took the fifth spot with Jake Frye sixth, Kyle Keen seventh and Zach Newlin was a DNF, contact in the early laps sent him up over the cushion and off the track causing some damage which was repaired for the feature. The best lap of this event went to Jake Gomola with a lap time of 14.091 at a speed of 85.076 and the cautions slowed his average speed to just 20.924 with a margin of victory of just 0.665.


The third heat had more good cars with Reed Thompson on the point and Ryan Lynn beside him and at the green the two dueled but Ryan Lynn had his mount running good after struggling a few races with some new engine woes but had those sorted out tonight with a smooth run to take the win over Reed Thompson who also had a good setup, these two driver are currently second and third in points in the Summer Showdown, finishing third was last weeks feature winner Ken Duke, Jr., with Dale Schweikart finishing fourth, with Tylor Cochran coming in fifth, New York driver Andrew Jacobus finished in sixth while Dave Guss, Jr. coming in seventh, he is currently in the top 10 in the Summer Showdown. The best lap went to Ryan Lynn at 14.068 at the speed of 85.215 and the event went green to checker allowing him to have an average speed of 83.114 and his margin of victory was 4.084.


For the 25-lap feature the redraw of the top three cars from each heat put Cale Reigle on the pole with Dylan Proctor starting on the outside and at the green Reigle and Proctor went to the front as a hungry field of drivers gave chase as Schweikart, Thompson, Lutz, Carberry and Gomola were in the thick of things and eventually Scott Lutz worked his way to the front spot from his sixth starting spot while Reed Thompson who started fourth gained the runner-up spot while slowing 11th place starter Ken Duke, Jr. was working his way through traffic to run third with Proctor, Reigle, Dakota Schweikart and Ryan Lynn right there. Numerous cautions slowed the pace as Larry McVay retired after one lap, Zach Newlin dropped out on lap 16, Tom Carberry who was having a good run in the top 5 or 6 cars hit the front stretch wall hard ending his night on lap 18 and on lap 22 Ian Cumens also dropped out. At the checkers it was #33 Scott Lutz taking his second CCMS main event with the R6 of  Reed Thompson nailing down the runner-up spot, with the 67 of Ken Duke, Jr. taking third, the 92 of Dylan Protor was fourth, the 99x of Cale Reigle fifth, the 78c of Dakota Schweikart had a good run for sixth, the 26 of Ryan Lynn was seventh, while the 78 of Dale Schweikart was eighth, the 4J of Jake Gomola ninth with the 52 of Jeff Weaver rounding out the top ten. The remaining finishers were 11. 19 Tylor Cochran, 12. 95 Garrett Bard, 13. 56 Jake Frye, 14. 5 John Walp, 15. 99J Andrew Jacobus, 16. 72 Dave Guss, Jr., 17. 19x Kruz Kepner, 18. 17K of Kyle Keen, DNF: 79 Ian Cumens, 1 Tom Carberry, 11z Zach Newlin, 38 Larry McVay and the 7 Jim Kennedy DNS.


Feature winner Scott Lutz had the best lap time of 15.123 and the best speed was 79.270 with a margin of victory of 4.183, the multiple cautions slowed the average speed of the race to just 26.293. The next race at Clinton County Motor Speedway will be Friday July 26th and will be a co-sanction with the Pa Sprint Series. As always a thank you to chief of timing and scoring Kelly McCahan for providing all the race results and specifics from each race.