With a busy holiday weekend of racing congratulations go out to Scott Lutz who won previously at the Grandview Speedway with the Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series, then won the feature Friday June 30th at the Clinton County Motor Speedway, then won his 4th straight Saturday night July 1st at the Hesston Speedway. A nice field of 17 sprint cars were on hand including rookie sprint car driver Mike Murphy, Jr. of Lewistown making his first start, sadly some mechanical issues prevented¬†him from racing however things will work out for the youngster and he will do fine. Sad to see Jimmy White get into trouble in his heat race, apparently he lost the handle in turns 3 and 4 making contact with the wall and dumping the 53W, hopefully there isn’t much damage and the second generation driver will be back in action soon. The results for the two heat races are as follows:
Heat 1 (8 laps)
1st Brad Mellott, 2nd Ron Aurand, 3rd Scott Lutz, 4th Joe Zap, 5th Roger Irvine, 6th Rob Felix, 7th Ryan Lynn, 8th Mike Wenrick, 9th Jimmy White (DNF)
Heat 2 (8 laps)
1st Greg Dobrosky, 2nd Jonathon Jones, 3rd Reed Thompson, 4th Drew Ritchey, 5th Colby Dice, 6th Jim Kennedy, 7th Steve Kenawell, Jr., DNS…. Mike Murphy, Jr.
The main event saw Scott Lutz and Jonathon Jones lead the field to the green and as things settled down the Jonestown Jet paced the field despite a few cautions during the race. Lutz was dialed in with Jonathon Jones staying within striking distance, Jones won his first feature the evening before at the Thunder Mountain Speedway. Colby Dice who was making his first official start with the LHSS stayed in the top 5 all race long and turned in a respectable finish. Four cars did not finish the feature and there were two drivers unable to make the call. Tough break for Greg Dobrosky who broke an axle, however a spare was put in allowing him to make the trip to Bedford the next day. The run down for the main event is as follows:
Feature (20 laps)
1st 33 Scott Lutz, 2nd 12J Jonathon Jones, 3rd R6 Reed Thompson, 4th 880 Drew Ritchey, 5th 17A Colby Dice, 6th 12 Roger Irvine, 7th 86 Ron Aurand, 8th 21 Rob Felix, 9th 6x Brad Mellott, 10th 17K Steve Kenawell, Jr., 11th 33z Joe Zap, 12th 54m Mike Wenrick (DNF), 13th 88 Greg Dobrosky (DNF), 14th 7 Jim Kennedy (DNF), 15th 26 Ryan Lynn (DNF). 53w Jimmy White and 22 Mike Murphy, Jr. both (DNS).