Laurel Highlands 2018 Recap

So far during the 2018 racing season Laurel Highlands has had 72 different drivers compete with our region from at least 5 different states and at just 4 race tracks. Hard to imagine that our region got its humble start with a handful of “demo’s” at the Dog Hollow Speedway during the 2011 season and the first full season of Race Saver competition beginning in 2012. Our first race in October of 2011 was a sanction with the Pa Sprint Series bringing in 21 sprint cars for that race with Brian Walker of Somerset, Pa. the winner. In 2012 our region was known as the Dog Hollow Race Saver 305’s and that name was used until the track closed down in late 2013 at which time our racers held a meeting at this track to decide the future?? Everyone who was there or by proxy voted to keep going and the new name, Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series was chosen to identify who we were to be. Hard to imagine in just 4 years really we would have the respect of IMCA Race Savers near and far and to be working closely with the Pa Sprint Series to advance Race Saver sprint car racing in the Keystone State. We broke our car count record at Dog Hollow Speedway on June 30th with 22 sprint cars signing in to race and this past Sunday we almost broke our car count record with 24 sprint cars on hand to race at Bedford with drivers from 4 states on hand. We had 24 cars at Bedford during the Memorial Day weekend around 2015? Our best car count was 25 sprinters at Hesston Speedway a few years ago, an event co-sanctioned with PASS. This year we have seen the influx of some very competent “rookies” showing great promise with many drivers who have been competing a few years now showing great skill and becoming winners along with long time seasoned veterans still getting the job done every race. The future for IMCA Race Savers looks strong and promising all across the Keystone state as currently Pennsylvania has 3 IMCA Race Saver regions covering western, west-central and central areas. We are looking forward to an even better 2019 racing season. A huge thank you to all the drivers, teams and crews who have come to race with us this year, we truly appreciate the support and all the memories each has made to the tracks and fans who give us racing venues.