Kyle Smith Wins CCMS

The Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series returned to the Clinton County Motor Speedway on Friday August 31st for the first time in several weeks. The last visit was July 13th with races for the 27th and Aug. 4th rained out. With the threat of rain this day the weather in the Mackeyville/Mill Hall area was quite nice as 16 IMCA Race Savers checked in to race. The IMCA Race Saver Nationals the same weekend had a few regulars in Nebraska at the Eagle Raceway however a quality field of cars n drivers put on a good show for the fans. First time competitors with the LHSS at CCMS were Kyle Smith, Fred Arnold and Jared Zionkowski. The race track was in fantastic shape resulting in some great race action with some inevitable crashes throughout the evening. The results for the heat races are as follows:

Heat 1- 1. Kyle Ganoe, 2. Colton Hoover, 3. John Walp, 4. Drew Ritchey, 5. Dakota Schweikart, 6. Fred Arnold, 7. Reed Thompson, 8. Jared Zionkowski.

Heat 2- 1. Jeff Weaver, 2. Dale Schweikart, 3. Tylor Cochran, 4. Kyle Smith, 5. Dave Guss, Jr., 6. Ryan Lynn, 7. Jim Kennedy, 8. Joe Davis. (note: this was Jeff Weaver’s first win with Laurel Highlands.)

The 20 lap feature saw Colton Hoover and Kyle Ganoe bring the field to the green with contact in turns one and two with Hoover flipping bringing out the red and ending his night. On the restart Kyle Ganoe grabbed the lead and was running strong in the early stages. Eighth place starter Kyle Smith began his move to the front eventually reeling in the Thompsontown driver and late in the race got by to inherit the lead and eventually the win, it was Smith’s first feature win with Laurel Highlands in his first visit. Of the 15 starters only 9 finished the event with Zionkowski a DNS for the event having suffered big damage in his heat race. The finishing order for the main event is as follows:

1. 17 Kyle Smith, 2. 0 Kyle Ganoe, 3. 5 John Walp, 4. 19 Tylor Cochran, 5. 88 Fred Arnold, 6. 3G Jeff Weaver, 7. 72 Dave Guss, Jr., 8. R6 Reed Thompson, 9. 7 Jim Kennedy, 10. 78s Dakota Schweikart (DNF), 11. 880 Drew Ritchey (DNF), 12. 78 Dale Schweikart (DNF), 13. 7J Joe Davis (DNF), 14. 54m Ryan Lynn (DNF), 15. 107 Colton Hoover (DNF). 41z Jared Zionkowski (DNS).

The Laurel Highlands Race Savers return to Clinton County on September 7th to resume the Summer Showdown, then head to the Path Valley Speedway on September 8th in a co-sanctioned event with the Pa Sprint Series.