June 2013 Flashback

The month of June 2013 for the Dog Hollow Racesaver 305’s started out with a cancellation on the 7th due to rain, cold and wind. Also at the time there were unknown and surprising changes on the way which would shape the future for the young region. Weather for Friday June 14th was much better and 13 sprint cars signed in to compete in two heat races, in heat #1 Justin Zap took the win over Steve Kenawell with Don Sotosky third, Jim Kennedy fourth, Ryan Lynn fifth, Rick Leonard sixth and Cory Thornton seventh. In heat #2 the win went to Roger Irvine over Jeff Bacha with Bryce Stephens third, Brian Wright was fourth, Nicole Walker was fifth and Ed Mesaros was sixth. The 20-lap feature saw Bryce Stephens and Jeff Bacha lead the field to the green with Stephens taking the early lead then set the pace to take his third feature win of the year. The finish was as follows: 1st Wild 1 Bryce Stephens, 2nd 17K Steve Kenawell, 3rd 48 Jeff Bacha, 4th 7 Jim Kennedy, 5th 3z Justin Zap, 6th D9 Don Sotosky, 7th 26 Ryan Lynn, 8th 70B Rick Leonard, 9th 71 Nicole Walker, 10th 28 Brian Wright, 11th 3J Cory Thornton (DNF), 12th 12 Roger Irvine (DNF), 13th 15 Ed Mesaros. Less than one week after this race the announcement became public that Dog Hollow Speedway had shut down!!! As for the Racesaver teams was concerned this was a cross-roads, with the “home track” gone should the young region throw in the towel or somehow continue on? A decision was quickly made to hold a meeting on a hot Sunday afternoon at the Dog Hollow Speedway, owner/promoter Jim Michney offered the facility to the group with a decent crowd of interested racers joining in to discuss the future. Also attending was Racesaver driver Jeff Taylor who had turned to promoting at the newly named America’s Motorsports Park in Clearfield, he came to offer the track as a home track in 2014. There had already been four races scheduled for this facility for May, June, July and August. The outcome of the meeting was favorable as all those in attendance voted to keep the effort going, tough things out and wait for the future, those who could not attend the meeting voted by proxy to also keep going thus with this decision several new names for the group were presented and the most popular one was the Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series. Continuing in July will be part three of the Flashback Memories and the first officially sanctioned LHSS event at America’s Motorsports Park.