Hagerstown Speedway Results

A huge thank you goes out to Annette and Jim Haines of the Virginia Sprint Series for providing the results from the big IMCA Race Saver event held Saturday June 16th, 2018 at the Hagerstown Speedway. To say it was a huge success is an understatement as at least 53 sprint cars signed in to race from at least 7 states. Here are the heat race results:

Heat One: 1st 61 Johnny Scarborough, 2nd 50 Jay Krout, 3rd 26 Ryan Lynn, 4th 6x Brad Mellott, 5th 91J John Fiore, 6th 3G Josh Guiher, 7th 7 Ben McCall, 8th 87 Neil Sandridge, 9th 5 Wally Eshenaur, 10th 2 Jimmer Seger, 11th 88 Bill Rice, 12th 43 Chris Ware, 13th 00s Randy Sterling.

Heat Two: 1st 9c Darren Miller, 2nd 67 Ken Duke, Jr., 3rd 44v Daren Bolac, 4th 53w Jimmy White, 5th 5P John Walp, 6th Q2 John Yanek, 7th 99L Ray Sheetz, 8th 12H Eric Husick, 9th J9 Jerald Harris, 10th 6L Tyler Denochick, 11th 51 Dave Graber, 12th 13 Kurt Knepper, 13th 5J Jim Kosnosky.

Heat Three: 1st 880 Drew Ritchey, 2nd 4 Tyler Reinhardt, 3rd 75 Dylan Shatzer, 4th 6 Tony Harris, 5th 20 Stephanie Dodson, 6th 0 Kyle Ganoe, 7th 1R Christian Rumsey, 8th 12J Jonathon Jones, 9th 107 Colton Hoover, 10th 17T Jeff Taylor, 11th 29B Robbie Bartchy, 12th 39 Tom Humphries, 13th 31 Donnie Hendershot.

Heat Four: 1st 11z Zach Newlin, 2nd 57J Jeff Miller, 3rd 88P Fred Arnold, 4th 33 Scott Lutz, 5th 69K Kassidy Kreitz, 6th 36 Jeremi Hanson, 7th 8D Scott Ellerman, 8th 99 Cale Reigle, 9th 23 Nathan Gramley, 10th 86 Ron Aurand, 11th 2P Erin Statler, 12th 80 Dave Wickham, 13th 4J Jake Gomola, 14th 25K Matt Kline.

Consi One: 1st 29B Robbie Bartchy, 2nd 12J Jonathon Jones, 3rd 17T Jeff Taylor, 4th 3G Josh Guiher, 5th 2 Jimmer Seger, 6th 7 Ben McCall, 7th 5 Wally Eshenaur, 8th 00s Randy Sterling, 9th 88 Bill Rice, 10th 43 Chris Ware, 11th 25K Matt Kline, 12th 1R Christian Rumsey, 13th 0 Kyle Ganoe, 14th 87 Neil Sandridge, 15th 107 Colton Hoover, 16th 39 Tom Humphries, 17th 31 Donnie Hendershot.

Consi Two: 1st 99 Cale Reigle, 2nd 8D Scott Ellerman, 3rd 86 Ron Aurand, 4th 23 Nathan Gramley, 5th 80 Dave Wickham, 6th 2P Erin Statler,7th 12H Eric Husick, 8th Q2 John Yanek, 9th 36 Jeremi Hanson, 10th 4J Jake Gomola, 11th 99L Ray Sheetz, 12th J9 Jerald Harris, 13th 6L Tyler Denochick, 14th 51 Dave Graber, 15th 13 Kurt Knepper, 16th 5J Jim Kosnosky.

Feature: 1st 67 Ken Duke, Jr., 2nd 11z Zach Newlin, 3rd 33 Scott Lutz, 4th 4 Tyler Reinhardt, 5th 880 Drew Ritchey, 6th 61 Johnny Scarborough, 7th 9c Darren Miller, 8th 75 Dylan Shatzer, 9th 26 Ryan Lynn, 10th 5P John Walp, 11th 8D Scott Ellerman, 12th 50 Jay Krout, 13th 12J Jonathon Jones, 14th 44v Daren Bolac, 15th 20 Stephanie Dodson, 16th 29B Robbie Bartchy, 17th 6x Brad Mellott, 18th 53w Jimmy White, 19th 6 Tony Harris, 20th 57J Jeff Miller, 21st 99 Cale Reigle, 22nd 69K Kassidy Kreitz, 23rd 88P Fred Arnold, 24th 91J John Fiore.

This first ever IMCA Race Saver event at Hagerstown was a combined effort of the Virginia Sprint Series, Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series and the Pa. Sprint Series. For the record the states represented were, Pa., Md., Va., N.C., N.J., N.Y., Vt.