Fleming Wins at Dog Hollow

The weather for racing was perfect on Saturday June 30th as the Laurel Highlands Race Savers rolled into the Dog Hollow Speedway. A huge THANK YOU to promoter Dan Savino for inviting our region to be part of the Steel Block Madness program. A record car count at the Strongstown oval was the result with 22 IMCA Race Saver teams signing in to race, this eclipsed the 21 car field that participated in the first ever race here in October of 2011. Many new and familiar faces were on hand, good to see Nicole Walker out for the first time in a couple of years. Jimmy Seger was making his first Dog Hollow start in a Race Saver and his second start in one, he won a feature at AMP in 2013 driving the Denochick #6. Good to have the father and son combo of Dale and Dakota Schweikart make their first Dog Hollow start, also rookie Josh Spicer made his first start at The Pound, also Josh Guiher and Tylor Cochran both made their initial starts here, Reed Thompson was making his second start, he was on hand for the innaugural event in 2011, Will Fleming made his first start in a Race Saver at The Pound as did Glenn Noland. There were two 11 car heat races, both very competitive, here are the results:

Heat One: 1st Greg Dobrosky, 2nd Roger Irvine, 3rd Ray Sheetz, 4th Vince Dougherty, 5th Bob Garvey, Jr., 6th Nicole Walker, 7th Reed Thompson, 8th Tylor Cochran, 9th Glenn Noland, 10th Dakota Schweikart, 11th Josh Guiher.

Heat Two: 1st Will Fleming, 2nd Jimmy Seger, 3rd Robbie Bartchy, 4th Jim Kennedy, 5th Brad Mellott, 6th Jake Gomola, 7th Dale Schweikart, 8th Randy Sterling, 9th Eric Husick, 10th Andy Cavanaugh, 11th Josh Spicer.

The 20 lap feature saw outstanding racing with only 2 cautions slowing the field. There was an 8 car redraw which put Will Fleming and Ray Sheetz on the front row. Ray has come a long way since his entry into Race Saver sprint cars last year at Hesston, he is going to find victory lane soon. At the wave of the green it was hot action as the front row starters were chased quickly by Greg Dobrosky, Vince Dougherty, Jim Kennedy, Roger Irvine, Jimmy Seger and Rob Bartchy. An early caution slowed the field allowing everyone to close in on the Fleming who was on a rail. At the waive of the green drivers jockeyed for position as the 19 year old from Brookville set the pace but as the laps went by it was obvious Jimmy Seger also had a hot shoe and was passing cars while reeling in the leader. One more caution closed the field setting up what was going to be a shoot out between the front two cars. At the green Seger charged after Fleming trying everything possible to take the lead even drawing up even off turn two then some light contact on the front stretch but young Will held on for the win in one of the closest feature finishes in awhile. Here is the finishing order for the 20 lap feature:

1st 79w Will Fleming, 2nd 2 Jimmy Seger, 3rd 27 Vince Dougherty, 4th 88 Greg Dobrosky, 5th 4J Jake Gomoal, 6th 99 Ray Sheetz, 7th 12 Roger Irvine, 8th 6x Brad Mellott, 9th 11x Bob Garvey, Jr., 10th 19 Tylor Cochran, 11th 78 Dale Schweikart, 12th R6 Reed Thompson, 13th 34 Glenn Noland, 14th 78s Dakota Schweikart, 15th 00s Randy Sterling, 16th 12H Eric Husick, 17th 29B Robbie Bartchy, 18th 3G Josh Guiher, 19th X7 Andy Cavanaugh, 20th 7 Jim Kennedy, 21st 71 Nicole Walker, 22nd 71J Josh Spicer.

Laurel Highlands will be in action again this coming Friday July 6th at the Clinton County Motor Speedway, this will be a point race toward the Summer Showdown, also the July 7th race at Roaring Knob has been cancelled, and Sunday July 8th the LHSS racers return to the Bedford Speedway, this is also a point race.