Double features at Bedford Speedway

The busy Labor Day racing weekend for the Laurel Highlands IMCA Race Savers continued on at the Fabulous Bedford Speedway on Sunday September 2nd for a regular racing program along with a makeup feature from August 17th. A full field of 24 sprint cars checked in with first time visitors to the historic fairgrounds being Kyle Smith, Larry McVay and Cale Reigle. Reigle was on hand a few years ago for an inter-regional event which was rained out. Sixteen of the original 21 cars that were qualified from the August 17th event were on hand to do battle in the makeup feature. Jeff Miller and Dylan Shatzer brought the field to the green but going into turn one and two cars got together causing a big accident and flip with Eric Husick, Ray Sheetz and Drew Ritchey against the outside wall. Ritchey was piloting the Cale Reigle car as Drew’s 880 experienced engine woes in warm ups. At the restart Miller, who is always strong at Bedford took off into the lead with Dylan Shatzer giving chase with an impressive run. Others in the hunt during the 20 lapper were Stevie Kenawell doing a great job along with Josh Dressler who looked strong, along with Scott Ellerman and Jonathon Jones. Late in the race Shatzer tried to dive under Miller in turn one but couldn’t make the pass resulting in two cars getting by him dropping him to fourth. At the checker it was Jeff Miller parking it in victory lane, here is the feature finish:

1. 57J Jeff Miller, 2. 17K Stevie Kenawell, 3. 00 Josh Dressler, 4. 75 Dylan Shatzer, 5. 12J Jonathon Jones, 6. 8D Scott Ellerman, 7. 26 Ryan Lynn, 8. R6 Reed Thompson, 9. 23 Nathan Gramley, 10. 29B Rob Bartchy, 11. 86 Ron Aurand, 12. 5 John Walp, 13. 7 Jim Kennedy (DNF), 14. 99z Drew Ritchey (DNF), 15. 99 Ray Sheetz (DNF), 16. 12H Eric Husick.

For the regular racing program there were three heat races and the early race attrition shortened the fields a little. Of the 8 cars scheduled to go, 2 couldn’t make the call and Friday’s feature winner, Kyle Smith who was slated to start on the pole lost oil pressure on his mount while being pushed for the lineup and headed to the pits ending his day before it started. In a race that would set the stage for the feature, Jonathon Jones who is always a car to beat won over Jeff Miller. The results for this race are as follows:

Heat 1- 1. Jonathon Jones, 2. Jeff Miller, 3. Drew Ritchey, 4. Ron Aurand, 5. Jake Gomola, Kyle Smith (DNS), Cale Reigle (DNS), Jim Kennedy (DNS).

The second heat saw Josh Dressler and Bob Garvey, Jr. on the front row with Dressler jumping into the lead Garvey, Ryan Lynn and 7th place starter Roger Irvine joining in the battle. The finishing order is as follows:

Heat 2- 1. Josh Dressler, 2. Ryan Lynn, 3. Roger Irvine, 4. Bob Garvey, Jr., 5. Larry McVay, 6. Scott Ellerman, 7. Rob Bartchy. (DNS) Eric Husick.

The final heat saw Nathan Gramley and Reed Thompson bring the field to the green with Gramley taking the lead with Thompson, John Walp and Dylan Shatzer giving chase, eventually Stevie Kenawell joined the battle. Continuing his good run from earlier Dylan Shatzer got by Gramley for the lead and the win. The finishing order is as follows:

Heat 3- 1. Dylan Shatzer, 2. Nathan Gramley, 3. Reed Thompson, 4. Stevie Kenawell, 5. John Walp, 6. Greg Dobrosky, 7. Coltt Lepley, (DNS) Ray Sheetz.

The second 20 lap feature had Jonathon Jones and Ryan Lynn on the front row and due to his earlier win Jeff Miller started in the 11th “handicap” position. At the drop of the green Jones grabbed the lead and set the pace, his car was hooked up as head built up a lead. Ryan Lynn, Josh Dressler, Dylan Shatzer, Drew Ritchey giving chase after an early red for a flip involving Nathan Gramley. Eventually Jeff Miller methodically worked his way from 11th to the runner up spot and began challenging Jones for the lead. The Irvona driver held his line and hit his marks lap after lap and Miller couldn’t get the edge to get past him and took his first Bedford feature win. Attrition was again a slight factor as various mechanical issues took out cars and with some lengthy yellows several cars ran out of fuel. The finishing order for the main event is as follows:

1. 12J Jonathon Jones, 2. 57J Jeff Weaver, 3. 88 Greg Dobrosky, 4. 29B Rob Bartchy, 5. R6 Reed Thompson, 6. 83 Larry McVay, 7. 86 Ron Aurand, 8. 4L Coltt Lepley, 9. 8D Scott Ellerman, 10. 4J Jake Gomola, 11. 5 John Walp, 12. 17K Stevie Kenawell, 13. 00 Josh Dressler, 14. 11x Bob Garvey, Jr., 15. 26 Ryan Lynn, 16. 99z Cale Reigle, 17. 75 Dylan Shatzer, 18. 12 Roger Irvine, 19. 23 Nathan Gramley, 20. RG3 Drew Ritchey. (DNS)–17 Kyle Smith, 7 Jim Kennedy, 12H Eric Husick, 99 Ray Sheetz.