The Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series rolled into the Dog Hollow Speedway for their second visit of the year with hopes the rain that plagued other area tracks would hold off. Just before the features began so did the rain, however the track personnel did a great job after the wet stuff subsided to allow the Race Savers to get their feature in. The LHSS would like to welcome another “rookie” to the series in the way of Nevan O’ Donnell of Mars, Pa. who was making his first start in the IMCA Race Savers although he has had track experience in another limited series, Nevan did a great job during his maiden voyage. Also making his first start at Dog Hollow with Laurel Highlands was Matt Kline of Saxton, Pa. he is another of our promising “rookies” and has raced with us at the Bedford Speedway this year. Making a return appearance at Dog Hollow and Laurel Highlands was Brian Wright of New Bethlehem, Pa., he made his ‘”rookie” start several years ago whenever it was still the Dog Hollow Race Saver 305’s. Brian has come a long way during that time and did a great job Friday as did Bob Garvey, Jr. another “rookie” to the LHSS, Bob had raced with us this year at Bedford and making the long tow from Thompsontown, Pa. was Kyle Ganoe who was making his first Dog Hollow start but is no stranger to Laurel Highlands, Kyle Colwell made what is believed to be his first Dog Hollow start with the LHSS but has raced many times in the past with our series. A BIG thank you goes out to the 15 sprint car teams who came out to support the program on Friday.
For the heat races Rob Bartchy got the jump at the green from his outside front row starting spot with “rookie” Jim Kosnosky who started on the pole giving chase with Drew Ritchey, Kyle Ganoe and Bob Garvey, Jr. close behind as the race went on Bartchy held the lead with Ganoe closing but not able to reel him in. At the same time Ritchey was was setting his sights on the front pair but unable to catch them. At the finish it was Rob Bartchy taking the win with Kyle Ganoe second, Drew Ritchey third, Bob Garvey, Jr. fourth, Jim Kosnosky fifth, Ryan Lynn sixth, Matt Kline seventh and Kyle Colwell a DNF.
Heat Two had Jonathon Jones and Greg Dobrosky on the front row however mechanical issues were plaguing the Dobrosky car early and he pulled off the track while the cars were still lining up which now put 4th place starter Rob Felix on the front row at the drop of the green Jones and Felix engaged in a spirited battle for the front spot with Scott Lutz in the mix as well. Felix grabbed the lead with Jones behind at as the laps wound down Jones closed in and on the last lap the two made slight contact at the finish line with Felix taking the win and Jones second, Scott Lutz was third with Brian Wright taking the fourth spot, Rob Mellott was fifth, Nevan O’Donnell was a DNF as was Greg Dobrosky, a DNS.
For the 20-lap feature, after the rain, the redraw put Jonathon Jones on the pole with Kyle Ganoe starting outside with Drew Ritchey and Rob Felix making up row two. At the start of the race Jones got an excellant start to grab the lead with Ganoe and the rest of the field in pursuit but the Irvona speedster was dialed in and set a great pace with no one able to gain ground to catch him. Lap after lap the field swapped positions as Jones held the lead and for the second time this year at Dog Hollow the sprint car feature went green to checker!!! This was win number two on the year for Jones who copped a main event with the Allegheny Sprint Tour at Thunder Mountain a few weeks ago but this was his first ever win with Laurel Highlands. Greg Dobrosky was able to get his mechanical woes straightened out to finish 10th, while the gremlins are still haunting Brad Mellott who dropped out of the feature with more problems. The finish for the feature is as follows:
1st 12J Jonathon Jones, 2nd 0 Kyle Ganoe, 3rd 21 Rob Felix, 4th 880 Drew Ritchey, 5th 29B Rob Bartchy, 6th 33 Scott Lutz, 7th 11x Bob Garvey, Jr., 8th 80Jr. Kyle Colwell, 9th 28 Brian Wright, 10th 88 Greg Dobrosky, 11th 26 Ryan Lynn, 12th 5J Jim Kosnosky, 13th 25K Matt Kline, 14th 331 Nevan O’Donnell, 15th 6x Brad Mellott (DNF).
A thank you goes out to Kalena Lee who is a regular volunteer doing various pit chores. The next race for the LHSS is Friday August 18th at the Fabulous Bedford Speedway.