Denochick Wins Dog Hollow!

For the first time in over a year the weather finally cooperated to allow the Laurel Highlands IMCA Race Savers a chance to race at the track where our series began in 2011. It was a beautiful and sunny Sunday as this was a ‘rain date’ for the event which was actually scheduled for Friday July 7th however threatening weather forced promoter Dan Savino to cancel and offer July 9th as a make up date. Missing were several of the regular cars that race frequently however 13 cars checked in to race with a couple drivers making their first Dog Hollow starts Coltt Lepley and Jim Kosnosky and also joining the field was Ed Mesaros of Front Royal, Virginia making his first start of the 2017 season. Ed is one of our original Race Saver drivers who started with us at Dog Hollow, he and his wife Stacey recently had a baby and the LHSS wishes them both the best. In the first heat race Scott Lutz took the lead early and set the pace to win over Ryan Lynn. In an exciting battle between Steve Kenawell, Jr. and Rob Bartchy who swapped positions throughout the race, young Kenawell narrowly beat Bartchy at the line to claim third spot.
In the second heat race Greg Dobrosky set the pace with Jim Kennedy, Tyler Denochick, Brad Mellott, Jonathon Jones and Rob Felix giving chase, but the Kittanning driver had the setup and went on to win over Denochick and Kennedy. Here are the heat race results:
Heat Race #1 (8-laps)
1. Scott Lutz, 2. Ryan Lynn, 3. Steve Kenawell, Jr., 4. Rob Bartchy, 5. Coltt Lepley, 6. Ed Mesaros, 7. Jim Kosnosky.
Heat Race #2 (8-laps)
1. Greg Dobrosky, 2. Tyler Denochick, 3. Jim Kennedy, 4. Brad Mellott, 5. Jonathon Jones, 6. Rob Felix.
For the main event six drivers pulled numbers for the inverted positions and Tyler Denochick pulled #1 putting him on the pole position with Greg Dobrosky starting outside. At the wave of the green, the youngster from Morrisdale got a good jump over Dobrosky and led into turns one and two, from there Tyler set the pace stretching his lead to almost a straight away as the race went on. Dobrosky settled in for second and held that spot over a hard charging Jonathon Jones who has had the 12J hooked up and dialed in the past 4 races or so. Ryan Lynn had a good run staying in the top five as did current Summer Showdown point leader Scott Lutz who was struggling with a bad magneto but hung in there for fifth spot. The 20 lap feature went green to checker with everyone doing a fine job with the first non stop feature of the year. This is the finish of the main event:
Feature (20-laps)
1. 6 Tyler Denochick, 2. 88 Greg Dobrosky, 3. 12J Jonathon Jones, 4. 26 Ryan Lynn, 5. 33 Scott Lutz, 6. 7 Jim Kennedy, 7. 17K Steve Kenawell, Jr., 8. 6x Brad Mellott, 9. 21 Rob Felix, 10. 29B Rob Bartchy, 11. 4L Coltt Lepley, 12. 15 Ed Mesaros, 13. 5J Jim Kosnosky.
As always a huge thank you goes out to all the teams who came out to support the program Sunday, without the cars we would have no series. Also a thank you to our “volunteers” Kalena Lee and Jeff Bacha who helped do whatever was needed throughout the night.