Denochick Wins Bedford

The Laurel Highlands Racesavers were able to complete only the third show of 2019 on Sunday May 26th at the historic Bedford Fairground Speedway as 18 sprint cars signed in to race. One of those a late arrival in the way of Jake Gomola who had lost an engine in his town vehicle on the way from Hagerstown and had to have the hauler towed to Bedford so he could race. Although some rain had gone through Bedford earlier it cleared off to great the racers and fans with a sunny sky and plenty of heat, on hand at the historic facility for their first ever competition with Laurel Highlands were Jake Karklin who had competed at the two day show at Hagerstown, his Dad also competed there and the Karklin’s hail from North Carolina, also Mike Wenrick was on hand with his new ride the ex-Nicole Walker 71, Kyle Keen of Carlisle was making his debut and race fans should remember the Keen Transport sponsoring on the Randy Wolfe 5w back in the day, also making his first start was Chase Metheney who was an accomplished micro driver now trying his hand at sprint cars. Also making their first starts with the LHSS in 2019 was Stevie Kenawell and Tyler Denochick both of these youngsters have been active in Racesaver about 5 years and really coming into their own. Also great to see the monkey off the back of Dylan Proctor who has been a victim of many gremlins thus far this season however winning his heat race and getting a top ten in the feature may have turned the tide, also Josh Spicer who also has had some gremlins of his own turned in a great run on Sunday with a strong run in his heat race and a great 3rd place in the feature, it is always great to have new drivers compete with our region as it shows we are slowly gaining the respect of other Racesavers. Also condolences go out to driver Kyle Ganoe and his entire family with the sudden loss of his Dad, Mark Ganoe a week ago he will be missed at all of the races, Mark had been involved with racing a very long time as he and Kyle had been running regularly with our region for several years. On Sunday at Bedford as a tribute to Mark Ganoe one of the pace laps was dedicated to his memory as the “missing man” pole position was left open, RIP Mark. With the race track in great shape it was no surprise the sprint car heats would be competitive with Josh Spicer and Drew Ritchey bringing heat one to the green flag. The front two cars put on a battle as Tyler Denochick and Jonathon Jones coming up to challenge as did Stevie Kenawell, at the checkers it was Jonathon Jones taking the win with Josh Spicer doing a great job for second, third went to Tyler Denochick, fourth to Stevie Kenawell, fifth Drew Ritchey, sixth Ryan Lynn, with Kyle Keen taking seventh, Chase Metheney was eighth and Jim Kennedy ninth. For the second 8-lap heat Dylan Proctor and Bob Garvey, Jr. brought the field to the green with Proctor taking the lead with Garvey, Mike Wenrick, Reed Thompson with sixth place starter Scott Lutz challenging. Our Tar Heel visitor, Jake Karklin moved into fifth and had a good run going but spun late in the race and tagged the wall on the backstretch/turn three area. He was able to make repairs and join the feature. At the checkers it was Dylan Proctor winning with Scott Lutz second, Bob Garvey, Jr, was third, Reed Thompson fourth, Ron Aurand fifth, Ray Sheetz sixth, Mike Wenrick seventh, Jake Karklin eighth. For the 20-lap feature the top four from each heat did a redraw which had Scott Lutz and Tyler Denochick on the front row with Reed Thompson, Josh Spicer in row two, Bob Garvey, Jr. and Dylan Proctor in row three and Stevie Kenawell and Jonathon Jones in row four. At the drop of the green Scott Lutz took the point with Denochick and the group behind in pursuit around lap 8 traffic allowed Denochick to sneak by Lutz for the lead but a yellow on lap 10 slowed the field. As the race re-started Denochick and Lutz, with Spicer, Jones, Ritchey, Kenawell and Thompson in tow. As the race progressed a few positions further back changed hands to make for an exciting event. At the checkered flag young Denochick took his first ever Bedford win and just his second feature win, Scott Lutz challenged and was a close second. Here is the rundown for the main event: 1. 6 Tyler Denochick, 2. 33 Scott Lutz, 3. 71 Josh Spicer, 4. 12J Jonathon Jones, 5. 17K Stevie Kenawell, 6. 880 Drew Ritchey, 7. 6R Reed Thompson, 8. 26 Ryan Lynn, 9. 11x Bob Garvey, Jr., 10. 92 Dylan Proctor, 11. 99 Ray Sheetz, 12. 86 Ron Aurand, 13. 4J Jake Gomola, 14. 911 Mike Wenrick, 15. 5K Jake Karklin, 16. 17KK Kyle Keen, 17. 31c Chase Metheney, 18. 7 Jim Kennedy. The next round of racing for the LHSS to close out the month of May will be Friday May 31st at the Clinton County Motor Speedway. A thank you to the Bedford Speedway staff for providing the race results and for allowing the tribute lap to Mark Ganoe.