Bard Wins Labor Day

The Laurel Highlands IMCA Racesaver’s had 18 sprint cars in the pits for the Labor Day weekend racing at the Fabulous Bedford Speedway, with the make-up feature from July 21st run first the racers prepared for the regularly scheduled event for September 1st. In the first heat race Rob Bartchy and Bob Garvey, Jr. brought the field to the green flag with some position swaps going on early but as the group completed lap 1 and heading into turns one and two as Drew Ritchey passed Bob Garvey, Jr. the two touched sending Garvey into the cushion and hitting the wall with his mount then turning onto its side bringing out the red flag,  as he was exiting the car and oil fire broke out but was quickly contained with no injuries to the driver but the car was a total loss. When the green came out again Rob Bartchy again paced the field and with a few laps remaining Garrett Bard went to the high side coming out of turn four to make the pass and the win. The finishing order was as follows: 1. Garrett Bard, 2. Rob Bartchy, 3. Josh Spicer, 4. Drew Ritchey, 5. Matt Kline, 6. Roger Irvine, 7, Ron Aurand, 8. Bob Garvey, Jr. (DNF). Scheduled for this heat race was Stevie Kenawell but mechanical issues from the remake feature prevented him from competing in the rest of the program.


In the second heat race Brad Mellott and Jim Kennedy brought the field to the green flag with Mellott grabbing the lead with the rest of the field in tow, Ryan Lynn, Scott Lutz, Kyle Keen battled for positions throughout the 8-lap event. This event was trouble free as Brad Mellott copped the win with Jim Kennedy finishing in the runner-up position, third went to Ryan Lynn, Scott Lutz was fourth, Kyle Keen had a strong run for fourth, Todd Lynn making his first Bedford start in a few years was sixth with Larry McVay getting the seventh spot. Unable to start the event due to mechanical problems in the make-up feature were Dylan Proctor and Reed Thompson, neither would be able to compete in the second portion of the program.


For the 20-lap feature event the top four from the two heats redrew for positions with Rob Bartchy getting the pole position and Ryan Lynn was on the outside. Bartchy had experienced some problems with the shifter/rear end on his mount and was late getting onto the track and as the green waived Ryan Lynn grabbed the lead with Josh Spicer, Drew Ritchey, Garrett Bard in pursuit. As the laps wound down Bard closed in on the leader and coming out of turn four on the white flag lap the youngster went again to the outside of turn four to pass Lynn and go on for his first ever main event win with Laurel Highlands. Here is the finishing order: 1. 95 Garrett Bard, 2. 26 Ryan Lynn, 3. 880 Drew Ritchey, 4. 33 Scott Lutz, 5. 6x Brad Mellott, 6. 12 Roger Irvine, 7. 83 Larry McVay, 8. 17KK Kyle Keen, 9. 86 Ron Aurand, 10. 25K Matt Kline, 11. 54m Todd Lynn, 12. 71 Josh Spicer, 13. 7 Jim Kennedy, 14. 29B Rob Bartchy (DNF).


The LHSS will be idle for a couple of weeks and return to action on September 20th and 21st at Clinton County and Bedford Speedways. The race at Bedford will be an inner-regional event with the Pa Sprint Series and should draw a solid field of cars from both regions.