Ganoe Wins Cumberland

With two rain outs in a row at Bedford and Clinton County the Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series had to go to Maryland to get a race event in as the first ever visit by LHSS and the IMCA Race Savers to the Greater Cumberland Raceway on Saturday July 28th saw 20 sprint cars make the journey over the Mason-Dixon Line. It was a beautiful day weather wise and it was a pleasure to take our brand of racing to a new racing venue. Cumberland is a neat old fairground facility nestled along the Potomac River with West Virginia on the other side. As always a huge thank you goes out to the 20 teams who made the journey south and your dedication and support is always appreciated. It was good to have Steve and Stevie Kenawell on hand with the 17K, Stevie was making his first start of 2018, he had a good run on the big half-mile. Was good to have Maryland drivers Donnie Hendershot and Dylan Shatzer on hand. Most of the top ten Summer Showdown point drivers were on hand as well. Tough luck for several drivers as an axle broke on the Ray Sheetz mount during the feature going into turn three sending him into the outside wall. Fortunately the damage was minimal and Ray hopes to be in action soon. Brad Mellott who won his heat race dropped a piston on the pace lap for the feature and dropped out before the green flag, hopefully he will be back in action soon. Greg Dobrosky had a front axle break going into turns one and two after taking the white flag ending his night. Coltt Lepley had his helmet visor break on the pace laps with it landing on the track keeping out the caution, a pair of sunglasses was used instead but not adequate and he dropped out later in the feature. Bad luck for Dylan Shatzer as he hit the outside wall between turns three and four on the first lap causing damage to the rear end and suspension sending him into the pits ending his night. Of the 20 starters only 13 finished the event. There were three heat races, here are the results:

Heat One: 1. Kyle Ganoe, 2. Ron Aurand, 3. Ryan Lynn, 4. Greg Dobrosky, 5. Drew Ritchey, 6. Jake Gomola, 7. Rob Bartchy.

Heat Two: 1. Brad Mellott, 2, Ray Sheetz, 3. Roger Irvine, 4. Coltt Lepley, 5. Dylan Shatzer, 6. Randy Sterling, 7. Jim Kennedy.

Heat Three: 1. Scott Lutz, 2. Stevie Kenawell, 3. Matt Kline, 4. Eric Husick, 5. Donnie Hendershot, 6. Jim Kosnosky.

The 20-lap feature was competitve as Roger Irvine and Kyle Ganoe leading the field to the green with Ganoe gaining an edge to set the pace however throughout the contest Irvine wasn’t far behind. Drew Ritchey who started 13th was hooked up as he passed cars on a charge to the front and Scott Lutz and Ryan Lynn also worked methodically to stay in the chase as did Ron Aurand who always does well on the big tracks. Two young drivers to watch as they steadily gain experience each race is Eric Husick and Matt Kline, both looked good on the big track. The finish order for the feature is as follows:

1. 0 Kyle Ganoe, 2. 12 Roger Irvine, 3. 880 Drew Ritchey, 4. 33 Scott Lutz, 5. 26 Ryan Lynn, 6. 86 Ron Aurand, 7. 17K Stevie Kenawell, 8. 00s Randy Sterling, 9. 4J Jake Gomola, 10. 29B Rob Bartchy, 11. 31 Donnie Hendershot, 12. 25K Matt Kline, 13. 12H Eric Husick, 14. 88 Greg Dobrosky (DNF), 15. 99 Ray Sheetz (DNF), 16. 7 Jim Kennedy (DNF), 17. 5J Jim Kosnosky (DNF), 18. 4L Coltt Lepley (DNF), 19. 75 Dylan Shatzer (DNF), 20. 6x Brad Mellott (DNS)